Centre For green Initiatives

Green represents fertility and harmony with nature. To promote eco-friendliness, the objectives of Center for Green Initiatives at SRCC are:

  • To recognize the importance and need for eco-friendliness.
  • To identify the key ecological areas touching upon campus life and surroundings; related issues, challenges and developing ways and means to address them at the college level.
  • To develop a campus-wide culture of eco-friendliness and conservation by sensitizing the youth.


  • To minimize and manage the waste of different types
  • To tap rain water for reuse and recharging water level
  • To develop and implement the concept of recycling
  • To harness solar energy

The functions of the Green Initiatives Cell are as follows

  • Undertaking extensive research and surveys on various environmental issues prevalent in the society, understanding causes, possible impact and remedial measures.
  • Conducting seminars, workshops and organising campaigns, sensitising people about environmental issues pertaining the society.
  • Tapping the CSR initiatives of various corporates, social venture funds and other potential platforms for funding.
  • Initiating and facilitating collaboration with various organisations working extensively in various fields such as waste management, water conservation etc.
  • Setting up machinery (example: Solar Panels, Water Harvesting Plants, Composting pits etc.) to maximise positive impact on the environment.


The committee shall be constituted with the following staff members and students:

Dr. Rachna Jawa Convener
Dr. Nawang Gialchhen Member Co-convener(Energy & Water Conservation Cell)
Dr. Kanu Jain Member Co-convener(Waste management Cell)
Ms. Vartika Khandelwal Member Co-convener(Botanical Cell)
Mr. Harish Kumar Member
Ms. Richa Goel Member
Mr. P.K. Jain Member
Mr. Jatin Lamba Member
Mr. Shiv Nandan Member
Mr. S.K. Gupta Member