Release of the Admission Notification and Bulletin of Information by the University of Delhi

The University of Delhi releases a detailed Admission Notification and Bulletin of Information indicating various dates for – sale of application forms, depositing application forms for registration in different courses, declaring cut-off lists for different courses, depositing fees etc.   The college follows admission schedule notified by the University of Delhi during the mid of May every year.  The Admission Notification is displayed on the college and University's websites.  

The admission process begins with Registration by candidates.  Candidates seeking admission to the Undergraduate (UG) Courses are required to register online at the University’s web portal.  Detailed steps of the registration are mentioned as under:

1. As a first time user, candidate shall create the login details by entering the details in “New User Sign Up” providing a valid Email-Id, which would be used for all future communications with the University for admission purpose.

2. Applicant to log on to the UG admission portal to fill the online registration form.

3. The entire registration form is divided in various sections and applicant needs to carefully fill requisite details in each of these sections. 

4. Applicants under the categories of Kashmiri Migrants (KM), Children/Widow of Armed Forces Personnel (CW) and University Ward Quota will be required to provide the additional relevant information.

5. All the entries should be saved by clicking at the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. The entries if needed can be edited by clicking on “Edit”.

6. Applicant shall choose the Courses in which the applicant wishes to apply based on the eligibility of the candidate. The applicant is advised to check the eligibility of the Courses before making a choice.

7. In the Sports section, the applicant needs to mention if the application is to be considered under Sports Category. In case the applicant is applying under Sports Category then the applicant shall furnish the relevant details like: the name of the sport, Colleges for which the applicant’s application is to be considered under Sports category, details of the certificates in the relevant sport, etc.

8. In the Mandatory Upload section, the applicant has to upload the following:

a) Passport size photograph of the applicant. The specification of the passport size photo is same as that used in the Indian Passport.

b) Scanned signature of the applicant

c) Self attested copy of Class X Board Certificate (for the date of birth)

d) Self attested Class XII Marks-Sheet, if result is announced. (In case Mark-Sheet is not issued by the Board then the self attested copy of the Mark-Sheet downloaded from the respective boards’ website should be uploaded).

e) Self attested copy of SC/ST/OBC/PwD/KM/CW Certificate, if applicable.

f) Self attested copy of income certificate (for OBC non-creamy layer) Certificate, if applicable.

g) Self attested copy of Sport Certificate(s) for last three years, if applicable.

h) Self attested copy of Extra Curricular Activities Certificate(s), if applicable.

At the time of admission self-attested copies of all documents/ papers are required to be provided by the students. It is made clear that if any false attestation/ falsified records are detected, the student will be debarred from attending any course in the University / or its Colleges for next five years and in addition, a criminal case under relevant sections of IPC (viz. 470,471,474 etc.) will be instituted against him/her.

9. Once all the above-mentioned files are uploaded, applicant can preview the entire application form. If any changes are to be made then the applicant can edit it. The applicant can edit different sections by clicking at the label (name) of each section and then choose to edit. All the changes should be saved by clicking the save button at the bottom of each page.

10. Candidate’s application submission process shall be completed only after payment of the online registration fee.

11. Foreign nationals may visit the site by clicking here for details related with their registration/admission process.

The announcement of cut-off lists for all courses/categories (UR/OBC/SC/ST/PwD/KM) will be made through the college and University websites.  Detailed steps involved in this process are as under:

1. The candidates who meet the requisite cut-off should login to the University's UG admission portal and select college/course where the candidate wishes to take admission and meets the desired cut-off criterion.

2. The candidate shall take the print out of the admission form and together with the list of documents proceed to the  college for verification of marksheet, calculation of cut-off percentage depending on the course and verification of other documents as per schedule notified by the University.

3. The college will retain the certificates of approved candidate in order to avoid multiple admissions. The certificates will remain with the colleges during the admission process. However, the college shall promptly return the documents in case any student withdraws/cancels the admission or student wishes to appear in counselling of any other university/ institute.

4. After this, the college will approve the admission on the UG admission portal. The candidate will then be required to log-on to the UG admission portal to make the online Admission Fee payment through one of the available online payment options. The approved candidate is permitted to make online admission fee payment till 12 noon of the next day of the given admission list deadline.

It may be noted that admission in a college is completed only after payment of the online admission fee on the UG admission portal within the prescribed time-limit.

A candidate can take admission only in one course in one college at any given time. In case a student wishes to withdraw/cancel the admission in a course/college, the candidate should approach the college where the admission is taken. Only after the college cancels the admission of a candidate, the candidate can proceed to take admission in other courses/colleges. Admission fee will be refunded to the candidate as per the University rules as under:

Refund of Fees in case of withdrawal/ cancellation of admission

Reason for seeking refund

Quantum of fee to be refunded

(a) When a student applies for withdrawal of admission before the last date of admission

Full Fee after deduction of Rs.250/-

(b) When a student applies for withdrawal of admission after the last date of admission and on or before 31st July, of the year of admission.

Full Fee after deduction of Rs.500/-

(c) When a student applies for withdrawal of admission after the 31st,July and on before 16th August of the year of admission

Full Fee after deduction of Rs.1000/-

(d) When a student applies for withdrawal of admission after 16th August

No fee will be refunded

(e) When admission is made advertently due to error/omission/commission on the part of the University/college.

Full fee will be refunded.

(f)  When cancellation of admission is due to concealment/falsification of facts, submission of false/fake certificates(s),providing misleading information by the student or for any error/mistake on the part of the student

No fee will be refunded



In all cases, security deposits/caution money (if any) shall be refundable after obtaining clearance from the relevant quarters, provided he /she applies for refund of the same within a period of one year from the date of leaving this institution.

The candidates who could not take admission in a given cut-off list can be considered for admission in the immediate next cut-off list only on the last date of admission, subject to availability of seats. For Boards, like International Baccalaureate and others, whose results are declared late, candidates may be considered in whichever cut-off list their results are declared, subject to availability of seats and provided the candidate had completed the online registration process.

List of Documents Required at the Time of Admission

The applicants shall be required to produce following documents in original with two sets of self-attested photocopies at the time of admission:

(a) Class X Board Examination Certificate

(b) Class X Marks-Sheet

(c) Class XII Marks-Sheet

(d) Class XII Provisional Certificate / Original Certificate

(e) Character Certificate (recent)

(f) SC/ST/PwD/CW/KM Certificate (in the name of the candidate) issued by the competent authority.

(g) OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) Certificate (in the name of the Candidate) issued by competent authority.

(h) Transfer Certificate from school / college as well as Migration Certificate from Board/ University are required from those students who have passed senior secondary exam from outside Delhi

(i) At least two passport size self-attested photographs.

Reservation of Seats for Scheduled Caste (SC)/ Scheduled Tribe (ST) Candidates

22½ % of the total numbers of seats is reserved for candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribes (15% for Scheduled Caste and 7½% for Scheduled Tribes, interchangeable, if necessary).  It is a statutory obligation on the part of Colleges to fill all seats reserved for Scheduled Caste /Scheduled Tribe candidates.

The following are empowered to issue the Caste Certificate:

1. District Magistrate/ Additional District Magistrate/ Collector/ Deputy Commissioner/ Addl. Deputy Commissioner/ Deputy Collector/ 1st class Stipendiary Magistrate/ City Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ Taluka Magistrate/ Executive Magistrate/ Extra Assistant Commissioner

2. Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Addl. Chief Presidency Magistrate/ presidency Magistrate.

3. Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar.

4. Sub- Divisional Officer of the area where the candidate and/ or his family normally resides.

5. Administrator/ Secretary to the Administrator/ Development Officer (Lakshadweep Islands). Candidates must note that Certificate from any other person/ authority shall not be accepted in any case. If the candidate happens to belong to SC or ST, his/her caste/ tribe must be listed in the appropriate Govt. of India schedule.

The Caste Certificate should clearly state:

(a) Name of his/ her caste/ tribe

(b) whether he/she belongs to SC or ST

(c) District and the State or Union Territory of his/ her usual place of residence and

(d) the appropriate Govt. of India schedule under which his/ her caste/ tribe is approved by it as SC or ST. However, if an SC/ST candidate seeks admission under some other category (for example: PC/Employee Ward etc.) the candidate should satisfy the minimum eligibility requirement for that category.

SC/ST students who get admission under open merit will not be included in the reserved quota i.e. 22.5%.

Candidates seeking admission under SC/ST/OBC category should have certificates in their own name only.

Reservation of Seats for Other Backward Classes (OBC)

27% seats will be reserved for the candidates belonging to OBC for availing benefit of reservations, it is necessary that the caste is included in the Central List of OBC.  If the seats meant for OBC remain vacant after arriving the minimum eligibility, the same may be converted and filled up by other eligible candidates subject to approval from the University.

Reservation of Seats for Persons with Disabilities (PwD)

Three percent, (3%) seats in all undergraduate and postgraduate institutions (including professional and technical institutions) will be reserved for candidates having minimum 40% disabilities.

The students with physical disabilities pursuing various courses of study in the Faculties, Departments, Centers, and Institutions / Colleges of the University shall be exempted from payment of fees, including examination fee and other University fees, except Admission fee, subscription towards Delhi University students’ Union and Identity Card fee.

The students with physical disabilities residing  in the college hostel are exempted from payment of all hostel fees and charges except refundable caution fee and the mess fees.  PwD students shall pay 50% of the Mess fee and the remaining 50% of the Mess Fee-in respect of the PwD students is being met by the University.

Reservation for Armed Forces (CW)

5% of seats (course wise) are reserved for candidates under the CW category – Children/ Widows and Officers and Men of the Armed Forces including Para-Military Personnel. 

Admission may be offered to the Children/Widows of Officers and Men of the Armed Forces including Para-Military Personnel, in the following order of preference:

i. Widows/Wards of Defence personnel killed in action;

ii. Wards of serving personnel /ex-servicemen disabled in action;

iii. Widows/Wards of Defence personnel who died in peace time with death attributable to military service;

iv. Wards of Defence personnel disabled in peace time with disability attributable to the military service; and

v. Wards of serving Ex-servicemen personnel including personnel of police forces who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards; Gallantry Awards include: Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Sarvottam Yudh Seva Medal, Maha Vir Chakra,Kirti Chakra,Uttam Yudh Seva Medal,Vir Chakra,Shaurya Chakra, Yudh Seva Medal ,Sena, Nau Sena,- Vayusena Medal, Mention-in-Despatches, President’s Police Medal for Gallantry, Police Medal for Gallantry.

All CW candidates have to upload the Educational Concession certificate in the enclosed format to be issued by any of the following authorities on the proper letter head:

1. Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board, Delhi.

2. Secretary, Rajya Zila Sainik Board.

3. Officer-in-Charge, Record Office.

4. 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate.

5. Ministry of Home Affairs (For Police Personnel in receipt of Gallantry Awards)


Registration of Kashmiri Migrants

Upto 5% seats are reserved course-wise for Wards of Kashmiri Migrants.  All the Wards of Kashmiri Migrants who wish to be considered for admission to various undergraduate courses for university are required to register online as per schedule notified by the University.  Candidates will have to upload a certificate of registration as Kashmiri Migrants issued by Divisional Commissioner/ Relief Commissioner.

Admission of Wards of Kashmiri Migrants will be based on cut-offs to be announced by the college.

Reservation of Seats for Foreign Students

All foreign students, including those who have completed their schooling from an Indian Board may be treated as Foreign Students for the purpose of their registration / admission in various departments and Colleges of the University and they may be considered for admission under 5% quota prescribed for the foreign students.

The foreign candidates seeking admission to Undergraduate Courses should apply to Deputy Dean (Foreign Students), Conference Centre, University of Delhi-110007. Email:

Foreign nationals may visit for details related with their registration/admission process.

Admissions under the Sports Quota

It is mandatory for all the Colleges to provide sports facilities and encourage all students to participate in sports and extracurricular activities by introducing inter-class competitions and mass sports.

Admissions under Sports Quota are regulated by the guidelines issued by the Delhi University Sports Council from time to time.  The College has limited (5%) seats for admission under sports quota.  The Colleges is free to decide the actual number of seats to be filled on sports basis (not more than 5%) keeping in view the facilities available, requirement of the College and other relevant factors.