P.G. Diploma in G.B.O

Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Operations

Launched in 1999, the Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Operations (PGDGBO or GBO programme) is a specialised two-year post graduate diploma offered by Shri Ram College of Commerce. With a singular goal on creating, nurturing and developing global business leaders, GBO SRCC focuses on instilling them with a contemporary global outlook with a forward-looking perspective, keeping in mind the ever-evolving needs of the industry and the society. The highly defined multi-disciplinary andragogy of GBO SRCC is an eclectic blend of theory, concepts and application with a marked real-world orientation combining domains of strategic management, organisational behaviour, international trade, economics, international finance, legal aspects and procedures of global trade, amongst others. The programme delivery of GBO SRCC comprises of focussed lectures delivered by experienced eminent faculty members from renowned institutions all over India, guest lectures by distinguished industry leaders and experts, industry visits, live projects and corporate trainings, value-added courses, amongst several other activities and initiatives. The alumni of GBO SRCC are placed worldwide in reputed multi-national corporations and organizations, in addition to being entrepreneurs and innovators. For more information, visit our website. For queries, email us at: [email protected]