The IQAC at Shri Ram College of Commerce undertakes various engagement and developmental activities in pursuance of its vision of all-round excellence in the Institution. These activities include:

Commencement of Solid Waste Management Project

In order to provide college and its stakeholders a clean and safe environment, a comprehensive solid waste management system was initiated by Centre for Green Initiative (CGI), SRCC in collaboration with the Feedback Foundation charitable, to maintain a healthier environment and for efficient solid waste management inside its campus. The proposed project aims to transform the SRCC premises into a No Open Waste (NOW) zone in five months. Currently, the project has two major components: a) Decentralized Solid Waste’ (NOW), b) Transforming mind-set of SRCC fraternity and building capacity of SRCC staff for the sustainability of the NOW status in the long run. Under the project, a college wide holistic mechanism will be set up for management of solid waste comprising dry, wet, hazardous and bio-medical waste. A Sanitation Park is proposed to be set up for managing various categories of waste within the campus itself. The project also aims to look at the waste generated in the campus from an economic perspective and create value added products from waste through proper and scientific processing. The project uses participatory approaches for citizen mobilization and collective behaviour change towards achieving decentralized solid waste management. A multi-stakeholder approach is being followed, that seeks to bring all internal stakeholder i.e. students, faculty, shop and establishments visitors and residents together to participate in the dialogue, decision making, and implementation of solution toward common goal. By the end of this project, SRCC will be the first college in the region segregating, collecting and processing waste in four categories with treatment of over 90% of the waste collected inside the campus itself in a safe, scientific and sustainable manner.

MoU Signed with ICLS Academy, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

To enhance the consultancy profile and industry academia interface of the college, various MoUs were signed. At a national level, Shri Ram College of Commerce signed MoU with Indian Corporate Law Service Academy, Manesar. Under this MoU, faculty members of the college designed and administered training modules for new recruits of Indian Corporate Law service at Manesar, Haryana. Five training modules namely, Introductory Accounting, Advances Accounting, Advanced Auditing, Corporate Financing and Valuation, and Financial Derivatives and their Accounting were developed and delivered.

MoU Signing with Reserve Bank of India

On similar lines, SRCC signed a MoU of training and development with the RBI academy in March, 2019. Under this MoU, faculty members from Shri Ram College of Commerce conducted a training programme at RBI Academy, RBI, Mumbai on the fundamentals on Microeconomics. The participants in this programme were Grade B and Grade C officers of RBI.