Rules & Regulations


A. Academics

1. Approach and interact with faculty members in respectful manner.

2. Attend classes and tutorials as per the allotted time table and scheduled timings.

3. Submit your assignments and assessments in due time. Follow your faculty member’s instruction on submission carefully.

4. Discuss your academic progress with your concerned faculty members from time to time.

5. Explore various opportunities provided by the College to enlarge your scope of learning and improve your personality.

6. When there is no class or for gaps between classes, you can use library, visit canteen, participate in sports activities, relax/sit in park, read notice boards, and gather with friends at hanging out points.

7. Promote a spirit of active academic learning, and holistic engagement in the Classroom and Tutorials.

8. Be mindful and appreciative of the caste, gender, religious, regional and intellectual diversity in the College.

9. When representing the College in events and programmes, remember that you represent the values and ethos of Shri Ram College of Commerce.

B. Administrative

1. Read and follow the relevant rules and regulations of the College and University pertaining to you as a student.

2. Always keep your Identity Cards with you when in the College. In case you lose or damage your Identity Card, a duplicate will issued on application with payment of Rs. 200/-. Further, in case of loss, the duplicate is issued after submission of a copy of F.I.R. lodged with the police.

3. Keep track of Notices as posted on various College notice boards.

4. Visit the College website on a daily basis, especially the “Announcements” section.

5. Peruse each mail sent by the College to your registered email IDs carefully. In case, you do not receive emails from the College, you should notify the same to the Administrative Office.

6. Timely submit all information sought by the College when asked for via email or other medium.

7. Respect the sanctity of the timings of the Administrative Offices viz., Administrative Office, Accounts Office, Computer Centre, Library Office, Hostel Offices, Principal Office and Sports Complex Office.

8. Respect the sanctity of the due process of the Administrative Offices viz., Administrative Office, Accounts Office, Computer Centre, Library Office, Hostel Offices, Principal Office and Sports Complex Office.

9. Approach and talk to members of administrative offices in respectful manner.

10. In case of leave, inform the College in advance for long leave (extending for more than three days) with reasons. Information about leaves on medical grounds should be attached with a medical certificate from the concerned doctor and submit fitness certificate on resuming classes.

C. Campus

1. Always throw garbage/waste papers/items in the nearest dustbins as per the Color coding scheme (Green-Biodegradeable, Blue-Non-Biodegreadable).

2. Proactively switch-off lights and fans if you find a room is vacant. This will be your positive contribution to the environment.

3. Keep doors closed while AC is on in the class room.

4. Avoid bringing plastic bottles or polybags in the College.

5. Follow the respective rules and regulations of the Library, Hostel, Computer Centre and Sports.

6. Inform college officials of any undesirable/suspect activity in the College Campus.

7. Handover any lost item found in the College Campus to the administrative office.

8. Maintain friendly, congenial and amicable relations with other students and foster same spirit among students ‘community.

9. Play only in the Sports playground. If you play anywhere else, you may be fined heavily.


A. Academic

1. Do not make clusters/groups near class-rooms while teaching is in progress.

2. Do not speak loudly or make noise near class-rooms while teaching is in progress.

3. Do not misbehave with faculty members, whether in person or through electronic channels.

B. Administrative

1. Do not sit in front of office, faculty staff room, speak loudly or make cluster if you have no work in office or faculty staff room.

2. Do not misbehave with members of administrative units.

3. Do not rush, hurry or cause panic for administrative works in the College.

4. Do not remove notices from the notice board.

5. Do not take away or move college equipments/gadgets/furniture without prior permission of official authorized/competent for granting permissions.

6. Do not use any room for any activity without any prior approval.

C. Campus

1. Do not sit on ledges of the first floors/terraces of campus building where they may be a risk of injury from falling.

2. Do not deface/destroy/mishandle/vandalise the college property.

3. Do not stick posters/graffiti/notice/banners on the walls

4. Do not bring vehicles in the campus without due stickers

5. Do not smoke in the campus. This is a very serious and punishable offence.

6. Do not consume liquor, narcotic substance, tobacco, intoxicants etc. in College Campus.

7. Do not engage in or promote activities in ragging.

8. Do not engage in or promote activities of eve teasing, and sexual harassment.

9. Do not engage in or promote activities of gender or religious or regional or caste based discrimination.


• Any breach of provisions/instructions of DO NOT’s shall be deemed an act of gross indiscipline and shall be liable for disciplinary actions.

• The Handbook on Information, issued to every individual student of the College, contains detailed rules, guidelines, regulations, ordinances, facilities, syllabus, readings and other related important information. Students are advised to carefully read the Handbook of Information for more information.

• From time to time, the College issues rules, regulations, directions and guidelines to students on academic and non-academic matters which are notified through the Announcements page of the website ( Students are encouraged to actively and frequently visit the Announcements page for timely information.

• For rules and regulations pertaining to Gender Sensitisation, students are advised to visit the “Gender Sensitisation” section of the website.

• For guidelines pertaining to promoting of equity in higher educations, students are advised to visit the “Equal Opportunity Cell” section of the website.