ICT enabled pedagogy has always been at the forefront of teaching learning process at SRCC. Following are the various ICT tools used by faculty in pre and post pandemic period.

Pre-Pandemic Period

Lecture Presentations

Presentation tools such as Microsoft Power point, free templates on AllPPT.com, Canva, Google slide, Prezi etc.. are regularly used by the faculty members for providing rich quality content for classroom teaching.

AIIPPT templates
Google slides


E-Gamification Tools

For promoting participative learning and quick assessments, game based learning plateforms such as Gimkit, Kahoot and Blooket are used



Online Classrooms

For effective electorinic communication with students and sharing of notes and learning resources, google classrooms are used.

Google Classroom


ICT Tools For Visually Challanged

The college has always been at the forefront in providing equal opportunities for all students. With this motto, the college has developed a dedicated resource center called "SRCC Enabling Unit" for visually impiared students. The facility is euiqpped with screen reading software, such as JAWS, NOVA and Kurzwell. For reading hard-copy text instantly, there are text magnifiers and portable OCR (Optical character recognition) scanners. Additionally, a talking notice board with digital audio database for all notices is set up at the resource center.


Post-Pandemic Period

Use of ICT witnessed an exponential growth during post pandemic period as most of the activities migrated from offline to online mode. The ICT tools/systems used post Covid are given below

Online Classes, Tutorials, Practicals, Evaluations Through MS Teams

As part of the College's online teaching efforts, Microsoft Teams has been implemented to provide students and teachers with an enhanced instructional experience as MS teams integrates different ICT applications to allow collaborative classrooms. Teachers use this application to provide students with reading material, distribute assignments and grade them during online sessions. In addition to providing effective and timely feedback, the assignment feature allows end-to-end assignment management. Through this application, teachers are able to download daily attendance lists and engage in systematic discussion using the raise hand feature, as well as to record sessions for later use.

MS Teams Online Classrooms
MS Teams Lecture
MS Teams


Hybrid Classrooms From Upgrad Platform

Hybrid classroom facility was put in place to facilitate teaching in blended mode. Under this facility, the students can opt for joining classroom lectures and tutorials in the college campus or remotely from any place in the world.


Youtube Video/Channels

Lecture videos are made available for smooth leaning experience as students can revisit the recorded lectures as per their convenience.



E-resources such as notes, important readings, case studies and other resources are made available to students to facilitate access to relevant study material.



Two full length online courses were prepared and launched through ARPIT SWAYAM portal (an online learning platform under the Ministry of Education, Govt of India). Hundreds of teachers from all over India and abroad were trained and certified under this initiative


Learning Management System

College has also introduced moodle LMS to facilitate blended teaching learning pedagogy.


Online Lecture Series

Webinars under "lecture series" programme and other socities initiatives are regularly conducted using platform such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx etc.


Student Communication/Collaboration

Office 365 online collaboration platform is used to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst teachers, students and staff. MS Teams mobile app allows faculty and students to connect with each other thorough chat, voice or video calls. Students can work together on group assignments and project using cloud based collaborative tools.


Online Library Catlog Service

Students can check library catelog information using online library access web OPAC


Value Added Education Through Coursera

The college partnered with Coursera and made hundreds of online courses available for enhancing skills of students and teachers.


Media Lab

The college has a state of the art media lab to record and edit video lectures for online training purposes.


ICT In Research

Online Resaeach Databanks

The college has provided access to databanks like Prowess for downloading research data.


Tools For Resaeach

The college provides access to data analysis tools like EViews for facilitating analysis of research data.