Centre For green Initiatives

As a proactive institution concerned with the conservation of the environment, the Centre for Green Initiatives was established in the College with the objective of generating awareness and promoting environmental care at both individual and community level. The Centre aims to create a pervasive atmosphere facilitating conversation, action and feedback on environmental issues engaging faculty, students and the general public.

Our Objectives

  • Understanding various environmental issues and the need to address them.
  • Sensitizing people about the need for protection of environment for a sustainable and healthy future.
  • Undertaking technological setup aimed at an environmentally and economically strong impact.

Our Functions

  • Undertaking extensive research and surveys on various environmental related issues prevalent in the society, understanding their causes, possible impact and remedial measures.
  • Conducting seminars, workshops and campaigns to sensitize people about environmental issues pertaining the society.
  • Tapping the CSR initiatives of corporate, social venture funds and other potential platforms for funding.
  • Initiating and facilitating collaboration with various organizations working extensively in various fields such as waste management, water conservation, energy practices etc.
  • Setting up the latest technology (example: Solar panels, water harvesting plants, composting pits etc) meant for maximizing environmental impact.

Centre for Green Initiatives-The Organization

The Centre operates in four distinct units to help serve the multifacted issues pertaining to environment:

Energy Conservation Cell For better management of energy and recommendation of safe energy practices.
Water Conservation Cell For conservation of water resources and recommendation of water conserving practices and technology.
Waste Management Cell For recommendation of scientific management of waste and its disposal
Botanical and Herbal Garden Cell For management of flora and its development in the campus

With the belief that environment is the responsibility of every individual in the institution, the Centre engages all constituents of the College- Teaching, Non-Teaching and Students. To execute its functions better, the Centre operates on two levels:

At the Institutional Level

At this level, the Centre looks at the macro-environmental perspective in the college and the society. Here, we nurture the environment as an institution with greener vision for the future. Our organizational structure consists of faculty members and representatives from non-teaching staff.

Dr. Rachna Jawa Convener
Dr. Nawang Gialchhen Member Co-convener(Energy & Water Conservation Cell)
Dr. Kanu Jain Member Co-convener(Waste management Cell)
Ms. Vartika Khandelwal Member Co-convener(Botanical Cell)
Mr. Harish Kumar Faculty Member
Mr. Harvinder Faculty Member
Mr. P.K. Jain Administrative Officer (Accounts)
Mr. Jatin Lamba Administrative Officer (Admin.)
Mr. Shiv Nandan Senior P.A to the Principal
Mr. S.K. Gupta Caretaker


At the Student level

Here, the green brigade-our dynamic and environment enthusiast students, operating as a matrix unit consisting of four units-Operations, Research, Public Relations and Creative-carry the responsibility for a safer and healthier tomorrow. Equally dividing the roles amongst themselves in spreading awareness of the environment, our 'Greenteers' flawlessly execute the responsibilities entrusted to them under the faculty advisors. Our young nature-conscious team of students across all semesters and all courses religiously advocate the generation of environmental care and the importance of its preservation while instilling in themselves and their peers an environmental caring lifestyle. With the motto of 'Start Today, Save Tomorrow', our student volunteers imbibe the value of caring first and consuming later.

Avani-The Annual CGI Magazine

Avni - is the name tribute to the always nourishing, caring and loving Mother Earth. In the words of Khalil Gibran, ‘The trees are the poems written by Earth upon sky’ which beautifully commemorate the role of Earth. With the first edition of magazine, we are marking a new chapter in the ways of environmental awareness in the College. Very first in the series of upcoming measures, Avni reflects the treasures of nature in Shri Ram College of Commerce. The first edition of the magazine is divided into three sections providing detailed account of various activities and literary activities. The main attraction is the introduction of Flower Section, where the diversity of flowers are celebrated in the college. The Article section brings the ideas, trends and measures in the field of environmental protection. The section specifically provides the articles written by the students - a practice started by the Center for Green Initiatives to imbibe environmental values in the younger generations. The last section sheds the light on few noteworthy events and initiatives taken by CGI in the college. In the plethora of the activities conducted, a few are presented in the magazine establishing the commitment of the college towards healthy and clean nature. These activities are instrumental to develop a sense of responsibility in the students towards mother nature.

Magazine: Avni










Centre for Green Initiatives Newsletter

The launch of this newsletter marks a new step in our vision to channelize the efforts of the Institution towards environmental awareness. In the past year, the Centre has been instrumental in taking steps and initiatives towards the conservation of environment and channelizing concerns for the ecological issues pertinent to the society. As a part of its mandate of spreading awareness on important environmental issues, the newsletter will serve as an important conduit in the effort of spreading important information about the efforts of the Centre and its activities on a periodic basis.