In keeping with the vision of Shri Ram College of Commerce to be A College of Global Choice, The Office of International Programmes (OIP) creates and expands international synergies with acclaimed global universities and institutions through cross-cultural and academic exchange programmes. OIP facilitates collaborations and cooperation in education, research and academic activities by creating, developing and fostering international exchange programmes. OIP facilitates establishing dialogues and interactions on global issues while inculcating and nurturing talents of students to take them on a global scale.


To create platforms of global exposure for the budding talents and inspirit their global competencies so as to embrace the challenges of a dynamic world with courage and confidence. OIP dedicates itself to:

  • Develop a global perspective
  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge
  • Promote respect and appreciation of global issues
  • Foster learning in a new global environment, and
  • Enhance inter-cultural interaction & understanding


The programmes are based on various themes related to contemporary issues viz. Youth in Action, Winds of Change, Contrasts and Cohesions. A detailed understanding of the themes is undertaken through extensive research.

  • Project Work

To undertake the project work the participants are divided into buddy groups. In consonance with the theme of the programme various project topics or sub-topics related to Environment, Economics, Technology, Education, Culture, Sports, and Politics are assigned to participants of the programme. Each group is assigned a mentor to facilitate clear comprehension and inculcate all aspects relating to the topic followed by pre-project presentations. The final presentations are judged by esteemed judges and the best efforts are awarded and appreciated.

  • Workshops

Development oriented workshops for better ingraining of cultural ties like pottery-making, puppet-shows, yoga, fashion, dance and sports workshops etc.

  • Lecture Sessions

Based on the respective themes, eminent personalities deliver lectures to enhance the understanding of the participants. Some prominent speakers in the past include:

  • Dr. Hema Raghavan, ex-Dean and former principal, Gargi College, University of Delhi
  • Ms. Anuradha Ramam, renowned Fashion Designer
  • Ms. Charnita Arora, Psychologist
  • Mr Lalit Kumar Gupta, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Youth, GoI, and
  • Mr. Harsh Mander, Human Rights Activist &Director, Centre for Equity Studies

Also, during one of the finest collaborative Indo-US programme, we were embraced by the benign presence of Ambassador Richard Rahul Verma, USA Ambassador to India, and Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India, USA. They briefed the students about the strategic Indo-US relations and the cross-cultural diversity fostered by such programmes.

Visits and Excursions

Thematic selection of places of historical, economic, cultural, social and political importance like Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, Gandhi Smriti, National Museum, Kingdom of Dreams, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Maruti Udyog, Centre for Social Research, TERI Retreat Centre, NGOs etc. are made to enhance the on-hand experience of the participants about the contemporary topics.


  • SRCC NFUCA Indo Japanese Visit, November 15, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC-MoY Indo China Entrepreneurship Meet, November 7, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC INDIA-USA INITIATIVE 2016, October 7th-20th, USA, 14 days/6 Cities/15 institutions
  • SRCC World Bank Open Data Open Development Workshop, September 28, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC Kyunghee University Indo Korean Initiative, September 22, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC IESEG Indo French Interactive Session, September 2, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC Melbourne Indo Australian Meet, August 26, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC- University of Tsinghua Indo-China Meet, July 31- August 1, 2016, Delhi
  • Y20 Summit, China, 2016, July 24- 30,2016, China
  • SRCC UNESCO Socio-Cultural Sustainability Dialogue, July 3, 2016, Paris, France
  • SRCC –Penn State Indo US Collaborative Study Programme, July7-17th, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC-UBS-MH Indo-Dutch Programme, June25-July 1, 2016, The Netherlands
  • SRCC--UBS--MH Indo-Dutch Programme, January 25-31, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC-UWEC Indo US Collaborative Programme, January 7-17, 2016, Delhi
  • SRCC- UWEC Indo- US Collaborative Programme, January 2-17, 2015, Delhi
  • SRCC UNDP ICA Programme on Financial Literacy &Youth Cooperation, February 3, 2015, Delhi
  • United Nations 21st International Cooperative Day Symposium, NCUI Auditorium Complex, New Delhi, July 4, 2015
  • SRCC Penn-State Indo US Collaborative Programme, July 8-17, 2015, Delhi
  • Indo UK Collaborative Study Programme, July 28-30, 2015, Delhi
  • Dialogue on Youth for Development, August 12, UNDP Conference Hall, Delhi
  • SRCC British Council-Generation UK-India Programme, September 1–3, 2015, Delhi
  • The SRCC-MSU Indo Malaysia Programme, September 29, 2015, Delhi
  • Japanese Delegation Meet, SRCC, November 19, 2015, Delhi
  • SRCC-Arizona State University Interaction Programme, December 18, 2015, Delhi
  • Indo US Collaborative Programme, January, 2014, Delhi
  • Indo–Dutch Outgoing Programme, The Netherlands, July 2-9, 2014, Delhi
  • SRCC-Penn State Collaborative Study Programme, July 1-19, 2014, Delhi
  • UKIERI Programme, August, 2014, Delhii
  • HSBC Case Competition by Hong Kong University Business School & HSBC, Hongkong
  • Alumni Singapore and SRites Reconnect Programme at Mughal Mahal, Singapore
  • Alumni London Reconnect, London
  • Indo-Poland Collaborative Programme, June 8-19, 2013, Poland
  • UKIERI- SIP Programme, August and September, 2013, Delhi
  • UKIERI- SIP Programme, Outgoing Program, London
  • Penn State Collaborative Programme, July 7-17, 2013, Delhi
  • Indo Dutch Collaborative Programme, Outgoing, June, 2013, Utrecht
  • Indo Dutch Collaborative Programme, October 21-25, 2013, Delhi
  • Indo USA Wisconsin Program, January 2-26, 2013, Delhi
  • Indo Dutch Collaborative Programme, Outgoing, June 25-29, 2012, Utrecht
  • Indo US Penn State Programme, July 24-26, 2012, Delhi
  • Indo Dutch Collaborative Programme, October 15-19, 2012, Delhi
  • Indo US Collaborative Programme, January 2-17, 2012, Delhi

October 7-20, 2016 (14 days - 6 Cities - 15 Organisations)

The Office of International Programmes organized SRCC India-USA Initiative 2016 from 7th to 20th October, 2016, with the underlying theme "Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability”.

The Participants included, Faculty Organiser, Dr.Mallika Kumar and 15 students, Atharva Mittal, Ishan Hooda, Samhita Khuntia, Apoorva Jain, Ishani Das, Sanchie Shroff, Divyansh Agarwal, Meghna Jayaraj, Srishti, Gursimran Gambhir, Nishta Sawhney, Shaurya Kumar, Harry Kapoor, Rachita Kumar, and Suruchi Dugur.

The Programme involved paper presentations in Seminars, active participation in Lectures, Panel Discussions, Classroom discussions and delivering effective Business Pitches in front of esteemed judges. There were official tours, workshops and interactive sessions with students, faculty, administrative officials and admission committee members of the various reputed institutions in USA viz.

  • City College of Chicago and De Paul University in Chicago
  • University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University in Boston
  • Metropolitan College New York City (MCNY), Stern School of Business, Columbia
  • Business School in New York
  • St. John Fisher College in Rochester and
  • Washington Adventist University students & Faculty at the United Nations

The Organizations visited: Security Council at the United Nations, New York Stock Exchange, Royal Credit Union, Jamf Software Solutions, Cray Research Institute, Xerox Head Quarters, and the Indian Consulate, NYC.

Field Visits: Wall Street, New York, Ferguson’s Apple Orchard and Marieke Gouda Farm in Eau Claire.

The Programme: Given the diverse and distinct nature of economic environment in India and the US the programme provided an opportunity-

  • To understand the dynamics and functionalities of the Indo-US markets
  • To learn about the socio-economic scenario of the US
  • To get an in-depth knowledge about the educational system and draw a comparison
  • To showcase India’s best practices as an emerging economy

The programme in brief was as follows:

  • October 7: Arrival in Chicago and visit to the City College of Chicago
  • October 8: Interaction at the Coleman Entrepreneurship Centre, De Paul Univeristy, Chicago
  • October 9-13: Intensive International Entrepreneurship Programme at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. The programme included presentations on Strategic marketing by our students, Lecture on Cooperative Entrepreneurship by our faculty and Business Pitch in Swim with the Shark event
  • October 14: Energy Nite at the MIT Museum and the Cultural Nite at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) organized by South Asian Association Students (SAAS)
  • October 15: Official visit to Harvard University, SRite Meet and student Interaction at Harvard Business School, Boston
  • October 16: Trading game and official tour at the Wall Street
  • October 17: Seminar on ‘India-USA Economic Perspective on Sustainable development’ at Metropolitan College New York City (MCNY), Official tour, interaction with students & Faculty of Stern Business School, NYU, Session at Columbia Business School by Admission Committee Member
  • October 18 &19: Innovation Workshop at Xerox Head Quarters and Presentations at St. John Fisher College, Rochester and Visit to Niagara Falls
  • October 20: Participation in the Session on Poverty, Interaction with students and faculty of Washington Adventist University and Official visit to the Security Council, United Nations Headquarters, New York
  • Meeting with the Consular General of India and Consular, Education and Commerce at the Indian Consulate, New York. Departure to Delhi.
  • SRCC-UWEC Indo-US Collaborative Programme (Incoming), SRCC, January 1-14, 2017
  • SRCC –MH-UBS Indo Dutch Programme (Incoming), SRCC, Jan 27 to February 4, 2017

OIP: Working Group

  • Chairperson: Dr. R.P. Rustagi, Principal
  • Mentor: Mr. S.K. Agarwal (Senior most Faculty, Convener, Selection Committee OIP)
  • Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Mallika Kumar (Associate Professor)
  • Faculty Advisor: Mr. Amit Sachdeva (Associate Professor)
  • Mr. Shivnandan (Senior P.A to Principal)
  • Mr. P.K Jain (Administrative Officer: Accounts)
  • Mr. Jatin Lamba (Administrative Officer: Administration)
  • Mrs. Neha Sharma (Senior Technical Assistant)

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