The College has a well-stocked library having over eighty thousand books and regular subscription of eighty international and national journals; magazines and daily newspapers. It caters the needs of the 2800 students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Library services are fully automated. The Library has reading halls at the ground floor and on the first floor. The reading halls accommodate three hundred students.

The Library uses the Library Management Software (LMS) 'LibSys' version 7. It also uses Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) technology for efficient management of library and its services and convenience of users. The Library is well equipped with all the modern facilities and resources (print and electronic) in the forms of CDROMs, DVD-ROM, video cassettes, books, journals, etc. It has also developed a full-fledged Digital Library equipped with necessary modern equipment in order to provide various digital modes of library services. The library follows the Dewey Decimal System of classification, 23rd edition, and Books are processed by using AACR-II code. The Call Number in the OPAC helps in locating the books on the shelves. Books are arranged on the shelves in numerical order from 000-999.

The library remains open on all working days. Apart from normal working days it also opens on Saturdays, Sundays, and other Holidays during examinations. To become a member, students should fill and submit a prescribed membership form to the library.




Name and Designation



Librarian (Officiating)

Professional Assistant


[email protected]




Professional Assistant


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Semi-Professional Assistant


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Semi-Professional Assistant


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Junior Library & Information Assistant


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Junior Library & Information Assistant


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Library Attendant





Library Attendant





Library Attendant





Library Attendant





Library Attendant




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Library Attendant






All bonafide students of SRCC, teaching, non-teaching staff members have right to access the College Library. To become a member of library, bonafide students should fill a form available with the Library Office. The registered members are issued Library Card corresponding to their entitlement. The Library members have following entitlements:





Post Graduate Students


Undergraduate Students


GBO Students

(PG Diploma in Global Business Operation)


Faculty members


Non-teaching staff



The library is divided into two parts – Main part and Stack part.


Ground Floor: Ground floor has a big reading hall having seating capacity of about 150 students, Office Section, Issue & Return Counter, Resource Center for differently-abled and Washrooms.

First Floor: The First floor of Library also has a big Reading Hall with seating capacity of about 150 students, Cyber Center, Archive Unit and Office.


Stack Part consists of three floors.

Ground Floor: This floor has a rich collection of books on Computer, Ethics & Motivation, Micro & Macro Economics, and other subjects related to social issues.

First Floor: This floor has collections on Financial Accounting, Mathematics, Management, Law, Tax and collection of Reports.

Second Floor: This floor has collection on Fiction, Non-fiction, Rachnawalis, Biographies and History.


The Library remains open from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. throughout the year during the examination days, the working hours are extended up to 8.00 p.m. for 45 days in each semester. The Library remains close on Sundays and all gazette holidays.

Membership Rules

1. The bonafide students and staff members have right to access the library and use it for reading and studying during working hours and days.

2. The membership of the library can be obtained by the bonafide student and staff members of SRCC by filling a prescribed form with the College Library Office for issuing books, journals, magazines, etc. and availing different facilities of the library.

A membership card is issued by the Library Office. The member should produce the membership card while getting books, etc. issued in her/her name or availing different facilities.

3. The membership is valid for designated period. The students at the beginning of second and fourth semester should renew their membership card on production of fees deposit slip. The member can also discontinue their membership by surrendering their membership cards.

4. Students and Staff member when leaving SRCC permanently must deposit the cards with the Library Office and get their account cleared.

5. In case membership card is lost or misplaced the library office should be informed in writing as early as possible. Members can obtain a new card in place of lost or misplaced card. In case of loss or damage of card Rs.250 shall be charged from the member.

6. Students who fail in any year of a course and become Ex-Student can also apply for the membership of the library on the recommendation of any teacher of the college. Such members will be required to pay the full amount of Library Fee.

Rules for Issue, Return and Maintenance of Books

1. The members can issue books, etc. in their name against the membership card as per their entitlement. While issuing the books, etc. from the member must check the books, etc. that the same is in order. In case of any deformity is noticed by the member the same should be reported to the counter assistant. All books, etc. are issued for a limited period; hence, the member should note the date by which she/he is required to return the book, etc.

2. The issued books, etc. must be returned to the Library on or before the date of return. Returning book late shall attract fine as per following schedule:

3. In case the book, etc. is lost/misplaced by the member he/she has to replace the same with a new one or shall be required to pay the cost of book at current price, if book is available in the market, with a fine of Rs.50/-.

In case the same book, etc. is not available in the market and member fails to replace with new one or return the book, etc. the member will be required to pay a penalty equal to five times of the cost of Book, etc. at its last release, if ascertainable or at the actual cost if last release cost is not ascertainable.

4. Student members in possession of any library book, etc. must return same before the end of classes (official date of ending classes) in each semester failure of which appropriate fine shall be levied.

5. The member must maintain and handle the books, etc. issued to her/him properly, carefully and safely. She/he should not mark on it, underline on the texts, write anything on it, and deface it in any form.

While on return if book, etc. is found to be defaced in any form the provisions given in point No. 3 above for loss of book shall be applicable.

6. The Librarian, in the interest of Library and Institution, has the discretion to recall any book issued to the member.

Discipline and Decorum in the Library

1. The user/members shall maintain perfect silence in the library reading halls. Talking loudly, gossiping, chatting, etc. is strictly prohibited.

2. Running, pushing passing gestures and teasing is strictly prohibited.

3. Eatables and soft drinks are not allowed in the library.

4. Use of mobile phone is prohibited in the library. Mobile phones should be kept under silent mode in the library.

5. Marking, underlining, doodling or defacing any Books, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. of the library prohibited.

6. Carrying any book, published material, or any property of the library outside the library without proper issue or authorization shall be deemed as gross indiscipline.

7. Defacing, damaging and mishandling the property of the library shall be deemed as gross indiscipline.

Non-compliance or breaching the rules of Discipline and decorum in the library shall attract disciplinary action and fine or cancellation of membership or both.

Technical Processing Section

Technical Processing Section plays a key role to function the library. It makes a bridge between the acquisitions of documents to the Circulation. This Section is located at the Ground Floor in the Library. This section strictly follows principles of Osmosis, where classification of books is done using DDC latest edition (presently using 23rd ed.) and cataloguing of books following AACR-II.

Periodical Section

Periodical section collects and manages the Journals, Periodicals, Newsletters, Bulletins, Reports Seminar proceedings etc. All these documents contain the latest information on current developments of a branch of knowledge. The SRCC library is making every effort to procure the maximum journals on the subject being taught in the college. Section also procure and manage the current newspapers and general magazines. The section has also compiled and regularly updating the article index of the academic periodicals. This index is searchable through the Library OPAC. At presents it has more than 12000 article records. The Periodical section of the SRCC Library is subscribing the following important journals, bulletins, newsletters and newspapers which have been given in the heads ‘Collection’.

Archive Unit

The Archive Unit is located at First floor of the Library. It preserves the primary as well as secondary source of information (published). The Unit’s mission is to promote the exchange of information like, records, manuscripts, photographs, videographs, etc. of archival importance related to the college.


The Library has a total collection of 74300 which includes books, serials, non-book materials etc. The Library subscribes to 13 national and international journals, 22 Magazine and 19 Newspapers. Library also has collections by way of donation and exchange. The collection is housed subject-wise on different floors under three major streams i.e. Economics, Commerce and other disciplines. The faculty publications have been showcased at the Ground and First floor and College Publications are displayed on the Periodical Section


The library has collection of books on varied subjects, viz. Computer Science, Ethics and Motivation, Micro and Macro Economics, Accounts, Financial Accounting, Mathematics, Management, Law, Tax, Fiction, Non-fiction, Rachnavalis, Biographies, History, Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility, Marketing, Business Communication, Psychology, Sonology, Statistics

Journals & Periodicals





American Eco. Review

Journal of Eco. Perspective


Accounting Review

ournal of Eco. Literature


Chartered Accountant(M)

Journal of Finance


The Economist

Journal of Accountancy


Eco. Pol. Weekly (W)






Competition success Review

Yojana (English)


Business India



Business World

The Week


Business Today



Dalal Street



Employment News



India Today (English)

Sahitya Amrit





Mainstream Reader’s Digest

Vedanta Kesari




New Papers

Business Line

DanikJagran (Hindi)


Business Standard

Hindustan (Hindi)


Economic Times



Financial Express

The Statesmen


Dalal Street



The Hindu

Times of India


The Hindustan Times



Indian Express

Wall Street


Nav Bharat Times (Hindi)

The mint


Assian Age

Deccan Herald



Mail today


SRCC Library also has a collection of approx. 500 discs of movies and text available in the Ist floor of the library. Users can approach the In-charge of the Periodical Section.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

The library has fully computerized its most actively used collection, which is searchable through OPAC, the computer catalogue, OPAC is extremely user-friendly and enables searches to be conducted with ease and speed. The OPAC allows search by author, title, subject, call number, keywords, and Boolean search. The Call Number indicates the location of the book on the self. It also gives the availability status of documents, whether a particular document is available or on loan. On site orientation and guidance is available at the Online Catalogue terminals.

Faculty Corner

Library has separate sitting arrangement for the teaching staff called Faculty Corner.

Resource Center

Library has setup a separate & dedicated internet service area for the students. It is located on the First Floor of the Library. 40 PCs have been installed for students to access internet and online resources. This Center is also used for teleconferencing as and when required.

Differently-abled Resource Unit

Library has established a resource unit for differently-abled students, faculty and staff. It is located at the Ground Floor in the Library. It is equipped with the following equipment:

Clearview + Speech :

It is used for book reading, saving and magnifying the content.

Clear view One :

It is used to magnifying the Content.


Optical Character Recognition is used for reading the Book.


JAWS is used for computer voice assistance

Talking Notice Board :

Reading the notices for Blind Students/ Faculty

Inter Library Loan (ILL)

The SRCC Library also offers Inter Library Loan (ILL) services to the users and supplements its stock by obtaining materials from other libraries on demand from the users. The library is an institutional member of DELNET.


The campus of the College is Wi-Fi enabled. The same facility can be accessed by the bonafide users in the library also.




SRCC Library

Shri Ram College of Commerce
University of Delhi North Campus

Maurice Nagar, Delhi – 110 007

[email protected]

011 – 27666509