Publication Policy

Shri Ram College of Commerce is committed to upholding the high academic standards. Therefore, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) follows a 3-Stage Selection Process while approving a paper for publication in this Journal. The policy is as follows:

Stage-1. Screening of Plagiarism

To maintain high academic standards, academic ethics and academic integrity each research paper received by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) is sent for screening of plagiarism on “Turnitin”. The committee adheres to the maximum tolerance limit of 25%.

After screening for plagiarism, research papers are sent to the Referees (Subject Experts) for double blind review

Stage-2. Double Blind Review

The journal adheres to a rigorous double-blind review policy. Each research paper received by COPE is sent for review to the Referee (Subject Expert). The reports submitted by the Referees are sent to the respective students for improvement (if any, suggested by the Referees). After reporting all the suggestions recommended by the Referees, the revised and improved version of the papers are re-submitted by the students to the COPE.

If a research paper is rejected by the Referee, no further proceedings are taken into account. Once rejected by the expert means cannot be published at all.

Stage-3. Approval by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

After double blind review and screening of plagiarism, research papers are submitted for final approval to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The research papers approved by COPE are finally sent for publication.

Since COPE is the apex authority to take all decisions related to publication of research papers and articles in ‘Strides – A Students’ Journal of Shri Ram College of Commerce’, the decision of COPE is final and binding.