Finance and Investment Cell

Finance and Investment Cell

The Finance and Investment Cell is a student-driven body initiated in 2009 with a vision to promote knowledge sharing among students on matters of finance, economics and geopolitics. Rigorous research sessions, monthly campaigns, newsletters and speaker sessions define the Cell and its members.

It ranks first among all Finance and Investment Cells of the University of Delhi.

FIC SRCC also provides its members with the opportunities to broaden their vision through visits to the Reserve Bank of India, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other prominent institutions which offer real-life and practical experience to its members. Their articles on their blog have been acclaimed by several speakers and offer insightful and researched analysis and opinions on financial and economic world affairs.

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The two-day event is organised in September. Finergy’18 entailed a variety of events themed around excel simulations, risk and budget management.

Casser le Cas: The annual case study competition of FIC, was held under Finergy. Case studies based on alternative investments were fully ideated and penned down by the members. The online prelims had a participation of 800+, from which 10 teams were shortlisted for the on-campus finals, judged by Ms. Pooja Dhingra. The cases got excellent reviews from the participants.

Telespectro: "Telespectro" was a telecom-based event which encompassed the various aspects of a spectrum sale and the calculation of wireless calls.

Masters of Monarchy: "Masters of Monarchy" entailed the journey through the ups and downs of pre-independent India and budget management throughout this journey. The events were highly successful and widely appreciated.


The flagship annual Financial Fest of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Episteme, is hosted in January with great success. It provides a plethora of learning opportunities for the all the participants, pan India. While it offers events that are meant to assess one’s familiarity with financial concepts, it also has events which spark financial interest.

Menace at Metropolis: The flagship event of FIC, it is a two day event, where the participants use their financial and economic knowledge to advance the value of their portfolios. They are even provided with regular news updates, with significant impacts on the stock markets, and consecutively on their portfolios as well. The event saw a participation of 80 teams of 2 members, comprising of an investor and a broker.

Bet or Debt: It tests the participants’ intuition and investment skills from a new perspective through a game of simulated betting. The teams prove their mettle through their instinctual prowess and financing strategies, to get a winning rank or be burdened with debt.

Other events which were held and orchestrated for Episteme’19 included Bankronicals, Moneypulate, Wrong’ un, Star(t) Wars and Vitt Vendetta.

Bankronicals was the right place for everybody to showcase their aptitude, administrative skills, mathematical prowess, and crisis handling calibre. Moneypulate evaluated the financial acumen along with the intuitive ability to predict the direction and magnitude of price and exchange rate fluctuations by putting the participants in shoes of foreign investors, with a dollar denominated budget. Wrong'un was a unique blend of serious portfolio management and light hearted cricket. Star(t) Wars, the startup battlefield was a perfect blend of a Business plan cum venture capital investment decision making competition. Launching a unique and feasible startup, countering grueling questions from other participants and investing wisely was the main objective of this competition. Vitt Vendetta gave participants a chance to use their wits and unleash their financial quest when the world economy was witnessing major ups and downs.


The Annual Financial Journal, VITTA, is one such initiative of the Cell to foster interest among students in the field of finance, with the unmatched legacy of bringing out nothing but the best, FIC, SRCC publishes Vitta every year. It is a representation of the wisdom gained by its members and is a collection of articles and general perception on all matters pertaining to the activities undertaken by the Cell.

Newsletters in 2018-19

• Fintech in a Flash: A series of 4 bi-monthly newsletters which comprehensively covered the functioning of the fintech industry, with content ranging from the timeline of evolution of Fintech to big data and machine learning.

• The Geopolitical Outlook: A series of monthly newsletters, beginning from November, addressing global issues and unheard treaties.

• The Dynamics of Mergers and Acquisitions: A series of monthly newsletters, explaining in detail the concepts, ideas and examples of M&As.

• Deconstruct: A series of newsletters simplifying the functioning of markets like that of Casinos and Bonds.